The quality of PORSCIA YEGANEH® designs is recognizable through the unique elements that characterize her pieces: the outline of the Roman Colosseum’s broken walls and exclusive 3D printed logos. PORSCIA YEGANEH® is the founder of the 3D logo and the first brand ever to apply three-dimensional logos to handbags. Metal accents and intricately crafted motifs are highly personalized, precious details that require individual production and hand carving. This is an unprecedented introduction of the technique in the luxury fashion industry, as it foregoes the use of a standard mold and brings a completely different dimension to an accessory’s texture and luster.

PORSCIA YEGANEH® recreates in 3D the company’s Forever Logo. Each Forever Logo is individually crafted by the brand’s loyal artisans into an interlocking P motif. A symbol holding a strong cultural connotation, the Forever Logo is based on the shape of number 8, a sign that, according to Chinese tradition, represents luck, good fortune and prosperity. An emblem of timeless elegance, all of the 3D Forever Logo hardware details are meticulously produced to exacting standards.

To learn more about the forging of each 3D Forever Logo, visit 3dforeverluxury.com