bannerPORSCIA YEGANEH® does not just tell a story: born to last through fashion changes, bridging ancient culture and modern wear, it has a legendary spirit.



Porscia Yeganeh is an expert on matters of taste. She embodies the true spirit of the connoisseur as she masterfully blends heritage and avant-garde, wisdom and wit. An exclusive luxury brand, PORSCIA YEGANEH® achieves excellence by rethinking the concept of luxury and believing in a creative process that favors quality over quantity, where meticulous artisanal expertise meets cultured design. At a time when public awareness on the effects of mass production and consumption is rising, the connection between transitory fashion trends and the demands for increasingly fast-paced manufacturing are factors that contribute to bigger issues within the industry, such as waste and unfair working environments. This is why PORSCIA YEGANEH® asks suppliers to meet strict requirements aligned to social, environmental and qualitative standards. Porscia Yeganeh recognizes the value of conscious design and sustainability and, at the same time, understands the needs of modern women as a consumer of her own goods.