PORSCIA YEGANEH® does not just tell a story: born to last through fashion changes, bridging ancient culture and modern wear, it has a legendary spirit.


Born in Iran in 1980, Porscia Yeganeh is a self-taught fashion designer specialized in women’s luxury ready-to-wear, leather goods and accessories. Porscia Yeganeh’s future has been shining since the very beginning. The word “yeganeh” comes from the Farsi language of Persia, modern day Iran: its meaning is “niche,” “unique,” “one of a kind” and “the only one.” Her family name is a special sign and a perfect portrayal of the brand’s identity. A multilingual child, Porscia Yeganeh has been in touch with diverse cultural influences from a very young age. Inspired by her mother, who used to sew princess dresses for her to wear, she already had the instinct to rebel against fashion norms and the drive to let her creativity roam free.



At only seven years old, when she was living in Greece, Porscia Yeganeh created her first handmade outfit. Porscia Yeganeh started experimenting with textile by sewing her ideas out of pillowcases to clothe her Barbie dolls by using a topstitching technique. This was the dawn of her fashion career, and Greece was the place where Porscia Yeganeh discovered freedom. She was able to follow her passion and express herself as a woman, to expand her perspectives beyond the restrictive regime of her home country.



Later on, after moving to Canada, Porscia Yeganeh made her debut as a fashion designer: sponsored by Vancouver Fashion Week, she presented her first collection and received international media attention. It was 2002, the birth of PORSCIA YEGANEH® and her Forever Logo, an important step that contributed to define the international character of the brand. Shortly afterwards she received her first buying request from major Canadian retailers. Her experience in Canada gave Porscia Yeganeh the chance to develop her own research, style and direction, and to focus completely on her label.



In 2008 Porscia Yeganeh met her fiancé, a professional businessman from a renowned Italian industrial family. This wonderful encounter eventually brought Porscia Yeganeh to Italy, together with her appreciation for international culture, art and architecture. Fascinated by the country’s cultural patrimony as well as its status in the fashion industry, she was soon determined to settle in Italy, the country she had been dreaming of to launch her fashion line. It was then that Iranian and Italian heritage first met: historical and contemporary references appeared in her collections and her trademark approach to craftsmanship started to flourish.



Italy holds a special place in Porscia Yeganeh’s personal and professional journey: as it played a significant role in guiding her career, it remains a source of continuous inspiration nowadays. 2020 marks the launch of the Royalty Collection, a line that pays homage to one of the most revered and ancient Italian landmarks, the Colosseum, and that reinterprets the magnificence of its architecture through the wisdom bestowed by her Iranian roots.


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