PorsciaForeverLuxury stands for PORSCIA YEGANEH®’s timeless quality and everlasting authenticity. Crafted only from the best of materials and using artisanal techniques, PORSCIA YEGANEH® collections are a fashion statement that is born to last. Each piece is meant to acquire value over time because it’s designed with a unique vision that embraces past and future, luxury and wearability.


PorsciaForeverLuxury redefines the meaning of luxury itself. Exquisite design and excellence in craftsmanship characterize every PORSCIA YEGANEH® creation, as well as the value of the All Made in Italy process, which is brought to life through the exceptional care of a small, dedicated team that understands the importance of employing avant-garde technical skills together with sustainably sourced materials. PorsciaForeverLuxury is a statement of distinction for eternally luxurious creations – niche products for real connoisseurs that are able to go beyond fashion trends and recognize quality that lasts in time. PorsciaForeverLuxury is a commitment to timeless style. PORSCIA YEGANEH®’s conception of luxury means creating quality pieces that last forever. To learn more, visit foreverluxury.co