• 2020 campaign

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The ultimate artisanal product, All Made in Italy.

The Authenticity become Remarkable

The story of PORSCIA YEGANEH® started at the Roman Colosseum where its broken walls took her back in time. Mesmerising about craftsmanship going back for centuries, it made her want to contribute to the preservation of these arts. Now solely working with Italian artisanal ateliers, PORSCIA YEGANEH® is on a mission to bring people back to true quality. The broken walls of the Colosseum have become a trademark for the brand and used as a visual reference throughout its collections.

“I am the lands I’ve called home. My artistic qualities developed from my childhood in Iran. My time in Turkey showed me what it means to be boundless. Life in Greece taught me heritage and history. Canada greeted me with the beauty of diversity and differences. And Italy ignited my passion for quality design.” 

— Porscia Yeganeh

PORSCIA YEGANEH® speaks to a real, independent connoisseur that is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style.


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